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Equipment List

for Hard Chrome Plating, Finishing & Other Processes

To ensure that all our hard chrome platings meet the high standards of quality our customers have come to expect from Accu Chrome, we utilize a range of advanced, high performance equipment. From pre-treatment processes to final finishing and polishing, we use the best equipment available to give our customer the best results.

We have the right equipment, the right staff, and the right experience to handle any hard chrome plating project. Request a quote or contact Accu Chrome for your chrome plating needs.

Hard Chrome Plating & Grinding Services

Hard Chrome Plating Equipment

  • 3 10-foot deep chrome tanks
  • Stripping tank
  • 4 dedicated power sources
    • 2 generators 7500/ 4000 amp
    • 2 computer-operated, programmable 8,000-amp rectifiers
  • 2 ovens for workpiece stress relief via hydrogen embrittlement

Finishing Equipment

  • 2 large polishing and buffing systems
  • 5 dedicated polishing stations
  • Bead blasters and related equipment

Precision Grinding Equipment

  • 4 between-center O.D. grinders
    • Up to 72” capacity; 20” swing
  • 4 smaller-scale grinders for collet grinding, between center grinding, small precision grinding, and chuck grinding
  • Diamond grinding system
  • Surface grinding system
  • 2 centerless grinders

Additional Processing & QC Equipment

  • Fully appointed inspection room
  • Welding equipment
  • In-house quality inspection and certification systems

Environmental Safety Equipment

  • State-of-the-art AQMD/EPA approved air quality system with HEPA filtration
  • Closed-loop water system to recycle water and eliminate contaminants from local water supply
  • Any contaminants/pollutants created in our processes are disposed of by licensed experts